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A Saving POD

Tan KW
Publish date: Wed, 22 Mar 2023, 02:39 PM
A Saving POD

22-Mar-23 11:00

Nadia Ismadi, Co-Founder and CEO, POD

According to an article by TheEdgeMarket, Malaysia's inflation rate increased by 4% in November 2022 year-by-year and understandably, people are looking into different methods of strengthening their financial assets; the popular one being investing. Financial illiteracy is arguably the main reason some people avoid indulging in it all together.

But according to Nadia Ismadi, that is not the case. She believes we are actually thinking ahead. The bigger fundamental problem is the absence of funds to invest with in the first place, and that is the issue Nadia and her team are tackling with their product, POD.

POD is a savings app designed to help users save money, track their everyday expenditure and guide them towards managing their finances.

Photo Credits: Freepik | awesomecontent

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