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Dreams We Tell Ourselves

Tan KW
Publish date: Fri, 24 Mar 2023, 02:41 PM
Dreams We Tell Ourselves

24-Mar-23 14:00

Wyman Wai, Director and Performer | Murasaki Haru, Artistic Director, Howl's Theatre Co.

Dreams We Tell Ourselves is described as a 60-minute solo performance exploring the emotional turmoil that comes with leaving behind the familiarity of home and embarking on an uncertain journey through the lens of the narrating protagonist - the Dreamer. This intimate exploration is also said to delve into the complexities of human aspirations and the delicate balance between chasing a dream and settling for a predictable, yet unfulfilling nightmare. We discuss what the play explores and is all about with Wyman Wai, the director and performer of the piece, and Murasaki Haru, the play's production manager and the Artistic Director of Howl's Theatre Co

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