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Of Motorbikes & Drag Strips

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Publish date: Wed, 07 Jun 2023, 07:48 AM
Of Motorbikes & Drag Strips

06-Jun-23 21:00

Amirul Azreen, Moto Malaya

In a recent parliament session, Youth & Sports minister Hannah Yeoh revealed that the federal government has decided to cancel its plans to construct dedicated drag racing circuits in each state. Instead, the ministry will prioritise the improvement and renovation of existing sports facilities.

This move, which was initially introduced by the previous administration under ex-Prime Minister Ismail Sabri during the presentation of this year's budget in August, received significant criticism. The proposal aimed to bolster the development of motorsports in the country, facilitate the discovery of new talents for participation in motor racing at the state and national levels while addressing the issue of illegal street racing. We explore what could have been.

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