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Brain Waves: The Gut-Brain Axis

Tan KW
Publish date: Wed, 20 Sep 2023, 07:05 PM
Brain Waves: The Gut-Brain Axis

20-Sep-23 16:00

Dr Azlina Ahmad Annuar, Neurogeneticist | Professor Dr Kalavathy Ramasamy, Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM

Did you know that there is a two-way connection between your gut and your brain? A troubled gut can send signals to the brain, just as a troubled brain can send signals to your gut. But just how much do we know about what influences this two-way communication? And how much can our actions in our daily lives influence this relationship? Neurogeneticist Dr Azlina Ahmad Annuar is back on the Brain Waves series, and she's joined by microbiologist Prof Dr Kalavathy Ramasamy from the Faculty of Pharmacy at UiTM to help us digest this topic.

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