Genetec - A baby step

What’s The Current Tesla Cybertruck Situation & Plan?

Genetec A baby step
Publish date: Mon, 17 Jul 2023, 02:14 PM
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The long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck is expected to enter production later this year, after several delays over the years. In recent months, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shared a few tidbits about the unique electric pickup, even calling it “better than expectations.”

Above: A Tesla Cybertruck model from EVANNEX. Image by Casey Murphy / EVANNEX.

The Tesla Cybertruck is expected to enter production later this year, with first deliveries also set to go out within the year, according to a statement from Musk in May (via Business Insider). The futuristic truck has drawn tons of headlines for its unique, sci-fi-like appearance, and it’s also garnered quite a backlog of reservations.

“Sorry for the delay, we’re finally going to start delivering production Cybertrucks later this year,” Musk said during the Tesla shareholder meeting held in May. “And I think the product, if anything, is better than expectations.”

Earlier this month, Musk also shared a photo of a pre-production Cybertruck on Twitter, saying that he had driven the vehicle around Austin, Texas.


The Cybertruck is expected to include a wide range of cutting-edge features, and Musk has even said the vehicle will be able to “serve briefly as a boat.” It’s also expected to include rear-wheel steering and a handful of other features, many of which are yet to be determined. Consumers can also expect it to include classic Tesla features such as the touchscreen infotainment center, a large frunk, and swift charging speeds compared to the industry.

Additionally, the Cybertruck is expected to use Tesla’s V4 Megacharging hardware, which Insider says could result in a full charge in less than a half an hour. However, it’s not entirely clear if this will be the case with final production models, and details are likely to be shared upon release.


In an interview earlier this year, Edmunds analyst Ivan Drury described the vehicle as a unique addition to the electric truck sector, adding that its features could simply be a bonus if it comes out similar to pre-production versions.

“This is a vehicle that competes against everybody and nobody,” Drury told Insider. “If the Cybertruck comes to fruition looking like it did at the debut, that should be more than enough — everything else from tech and features is just icing on the cake.”

As for how much the Cybertruck will cost, Tesla said in 2019 that it would debut for $40,000, though Musk has updated onlookers saying that this is no longer accurate. Currently, the Tesla Model 3 floats around $40,000, while the Model X Plaid, the most expensive of the bunch, starts at a little over $108,000. It’s not yet clear how much the Cybertruck will cost upon debut, though customers who want one can secure it with a refundable $100 deposit.

Tesla Cybertruck reservations are estimated by electrek to include more than 1.8 million orders, though it’s worth noting that reservation holders can cancel at any time — so its unclear how closely final orders will resemble this figure.



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