Genetec - A baby step

The Global Lithium Supply Chain and Tesla’s 50% Growth Rate I ~3 Month Project [The Limiting Factor]

Genetec A baby step
Publish date: Fri, 27 Oct 2023, 09:51 AM
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How will the Global Lithium Supply Chain evolve this decade and how will that affect Tesla’s 50% Growth Rate target?  I've spent the last 3 months investigating the topic and assembling this video to give you a comprehensive view.

00:00 Introduction
02:11 Too Long; Didn’t Watch
05:53 Thanks, Credits, and Sources
09:15 Why is Lithium the Bottleneck?
10:48 Mining is Easy, Refining is Hard? A Red Herring
11:52 Lithium Refining // Margins
20:17 Fixed Price Contracts are being Phased Out
22:28 Lithium Refining // Forecast and Lead Times
25:17 Why is Tesla Pushing for More Refining?
29:27 Tesla Needs to Flirt Better with Entrepreneurs
30:04 Refining Integration could Save Tesla Billions
31:50 Lithium Refining // Interim Summary
32:29 Is there Enough Lithium in the Ground?
35:34 Let’s Evaluate Three Lithium Forecasts…
42:46 Benchmark’s Forecast // Revisions Explained
45:12 Lithium Supply in 2030 // Bull and Bear Cases
46:35 A Recent History of Lithium Supply and Demand
50:29 Australia / 2-3 Years // Brownfields Projects
51:40 Australia / 2-3 Years // Faster Extraction Rate
56:56 Australia / 2-3 Years // Two Non-Starters
58:00 Australia / 4-7 Years // Greenfields Projects
01:03:57 South American Lithium Brines
01:05:36 China // Lepidolites to the Rescue?
01:09:06 United States // Lithium Clays and Brines
01:11:11 The Potential of Direct Lithium Extraction
01:13:15 Africa // A Wild Card with Huge Potential
01:17:10 Canada // Hard Rock and Lithium Brines
01:17:58 Other Countries
01:18:32 Global Lithium Supply Forecast
01:23:32 The Forecast for Sodium Ion Batteries
01:27:35 Combining the Li & Na Battery Forecasts
01:29:57 When will Tesla Face a Battery Shortage?
01:34:47 OEM Li Bonanza // Is Tesla Getting Left Behind?
01:35:36 Why Tesla Should Get into Li Mining & Refining
01:37:54 Three Ways for Tesla to “Get into Li Mining”
01:38:50 Why is Tesla Avoiding Lithium Mining?
01:40:59 What about other Chemistries?
01:41:57 Video Summary // 10 Key Points
01:48:57 The Lithium Bottleneck vs ‘Peak Oil’ Comparison

Intro Music by Dyalla:  Homer Said

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