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Now Tinder users are turning to ChatGPT to help them land dates

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Publish date: Fri, 24 Mar 2023, 10:04 AM
Tan KW
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Looking for a way to create the ideal profile and write perfect pick-up lines to land a date with a prospective partner? Some members of dating sites are now turning to ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence text generator, to flirt more easily from behind their screens. But while AI is an unexpected, and undoubtedly effective ally, it also removes some of the authenticity, spontaneity and honesty out of dating.

From writing a cover letter to planning a trip abroad, generating a social media post, or even writing an essay with minimal effort, the artificial intelligence text generator ChatGPT has many potential functions. In the space of just a few weeks, this program has gone from being a functional toolbox to a real social phenomenon. And while this AI chatbot has some limitations, such as the fact that it has no humour or emotion, it could still come to the aid of an unexpected category of people: singletons. In fact, some people have already tried and tested ChatGPT to help them land a date with a potential partner on a dating site.

AI pick-up lines

Just scroll TikTok a few minutes, and you'll soon notice testimonial videos - and tutorials - praising the virtues of ChatGPT for dating. Artificial intelligence is coming to the assistance of singles who may previously have found it difficult to strike up a conversation with a potential match, or even land a date. And in this game, men seem to be more likely to turn to the AI assistant to take advantage of its powers of seduction and romance. In any case, these practical guides seem popular on social media, and even have hundreds of thousands of views.

One video, posted by TikTok user @ekoastoic and viewed no less than 740,000 times, demonstrates the potential of ChatGPT in the field of dating, all backed up with the user's personal proof. Sharing screenshots of his conversation with a potential match, as well as the prompts given to the AI program, the user shows how the latter helped him to conquer the heart - at least virtually - of a prospective partner. All of which turned out to be a piece of cake.

After asking the young woman her height, the user asks, "Can I climb you?"... To which she, somewhat hesitantly, says yes. It is then that he turns to ChatGPT, asking the AI to write him a love poem: "Write me a love poem about climbing a tree that is a metaphor for a six-foot girl." Incredible, but true. And the text generator comes up with the goods, proposing a poem that's romantic (and credible) enough to win over the lady in question.

An AI profile generator

Looking at the many comments posted under the video, it seems that this guide to AI flirting has proved a hit... among male users, at least. Some of them even advise him to keep this technique secret to prevent it reaching the wrong ears. And it seems that other users go even further by asking ChatGPT to generate 'perfect profiles' to succeed in breaking the ice more easily with a potential partner. Others ask the AI to generate pick-up lines by giving it details from the profile of their person of interest. Something that has not gone unnoticed, and which raises questions about the authenticity and honesty of the kind of person who uses such a system to look for love.

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