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More UK adults visit porn sites during working hours than at other times of day, study reveals

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Publish date: Fri, 01 Dec 2023, 11:18 AM
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Around a third of UK Internet users, or 13.8 million adults, accessed a pornographic content service in May 2023, according to a study by the UK’s telecoms regulator. And many of these users did so during working hours.

Among UK pornography consumers, 10.1 million are men, according to the recent Online Nation report from Ofcom. Men account for 73% of visitors to these sites, compared with 27% of women.

If the proportion of male/female consumers of pornographic content isn’t surprising, the times of day they access this content is more so. According to the British study, more adults visit porn sites during working hours than at any other time of the day. In fact, 21% visit such sites between 9am and 5.30pm, compared with 18% at night (midnight to 9am) and 17% in the late evening (8pm to midnight).

More visitors during the day, more time spent online at night

But while more Britons log on to these sites during the day, they stay online longer at night, the study found. They spent an average of 59 minutes online during the night in May 2023, compared with 55 minutes during the day.

Pornhub is the most popular pornographic content site for UK adults. The UK was the second-biggest market for the site in terms of daily traffic in 2022, behind the US. Younger people are the most fond of this platform: 30% of 18-34 year-olds visited the site in May 2023, compared with 10% of those over 44. Once again, among the 30% of 18-34 year-olds, 40% are men, or around 2.9 million people, versus 20% women, or 1.4 million people.

According to the data, Pornhub was the most popular pornography service, reaching 18% of adults in May 2023, ahead of Chaturbate (9%) and XVideos (8%). “Pornhub’s parent organisation Aylo (formerly MindGeek) also owns YouPorn, Redtube, and Brazzersnetwork, and 19% of UK online adults visited one of these four services in May 2023,” the study notes.

On average, British Internet users spent an hour and 56 minutes watching pornographic content on these sites during May 2023. And yet, while Pornhub is the online service for pornographic content most frequented by British adults, it ranks seventh in terms of average time spent per visitor, with an average of 52 minutes spent on Pornhub in May 2023.

 - AFP Relaxnews

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