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Publish date: Tue, 19 Sep 2023, 12:01 PM
Koon Yew Yin
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Property Developers comparison (Update) | 8 September 2023

After I saw RHB recommendation to buy Kerjaya Prosek Group yesterday, I studied all the top 12 property developers and tabled them below for comparison. Kerjaya Prosek Group is ranked 6.

All property developers reported increasing profit in the last 4 quarters after recovering from Covid 19 pandemic. Home prices are increasing. The list below is the comparison of the top 12 property developers in Malaysia.

KSL is the cheapest in term of PE ratio and Tropicana is the worst. KSL is selling at RM1.10 and at PE 3.5. Its NTA is Rm 3.44.

KSL Holdings Bhd is a holding company. It is engaged in real estate services. The company has four reportable segments Property development; Property investment; Investment holding and Car park operation. Property development includes the development of residential and commercial properties; Property investment includes an investment of real properties and hotel; Investment holding includes the provision of management services to the subsidiaries, and Car park operation includes car park management services. KSL derives most of its revenue from Property development.

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Yes to KSL ?

2 months ago


kyy oredi injected negative energy into ksl bcos of his promotion ?
ksl oredi doomed ?

2 months ago


Using only PE to evaluate property companies is not suitable because some have a lot of landbank to be developed in the future.

2 months ago


Case in point:
The top 6 lowest PE stocks in the list performance today: +0.2%
The 6 highest PE stocks: +3.6%

The 2nd highest PE stock UEMS +7% today!

2 months ago


KYY doing charity again? So nice.....lol

The question is: donate to who? "Everybody!" lol

2 months ago


KSL adalah Johor punya property company. Ia akan naik krn tema Johor

2 months ago


Hidup Johor !

2 months ago


Kseng juga Johor property company tapi tak naik?

2 months ago


Did you miss UEMS which has quadrapled from 23 sen to 92 sen? Want some indirect proxy to UEMS/ Johor story?

SUCCESS is an indirect Johor proxy play. This company produces transformers which is used when Data Centre is built.

More data centre in Johor MEANS higher transformer demand MEANS higher earnings for SUCCESS.
Stock Code: 7207

Why does data center need transformer?
Transformers ensure stable power, distribute it efficiently, and protect data center equipment from electrical issues.

From its latest quarterly result...
"In the transformer products, we are experiencing robust demand from data centres, industrial machinery and the medical industry. The recent need for efficient cloud storage management has further driven growth of transformer demand in the data centre industry."


2 months ago

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