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Hadi Awang has bone to pick with Malaysiakini for promoting ICERD, “Malaysian Malaysia”

Publish date: Fri, 24 Mar 2023, 03:45 PM

RAMADAN is supposedly a month for reckoning and forgiving yet bizarrely, PAS president took exception to call on “sensible Muslims and non-Muslims who are not extreme to unite against the alien agenda promoted by Malaysiakini”.

The cleric Marang MP was referring to two reports by Malaysia’s pioneering independent news portal in which:

“They (referring to Malaysiakini) are poisonous sweets that destroy plural society and need to be put on the right track. Don’t let us go astray and ourselves be the victims as happened in other countries,” chastised Hadi in a recent Facebook post.

He also hit out at the UN for failure after failure without the ability to implement international law and human rights properly.

“Its weak struggle is like a spider’s web without the ability to defend a weak nation and without the ability to oppose tyranny against oppressed nations, such as to protect the Red Indians in the US which is deemed the most democratic nation in the world or the Arabs in Palestine and war refugees in Europe.”

As for Kit Siang’s critical view about Dr Mahathir’s failure, Hadi reckoned that “Muslim Malays who are fanatical about their Malays like Dr Mahathir are not the same as non-Malays and non-Muslims like Kit Siang who say they are not fanatical about their race, yet by nature are unable to eliminate their love towards their race and family”.

“We cannot overlook how non-Malays and non-Muslims who dominate the economy are the biggest contributors to corruption in terms of amount and price,” he lamented. “This is so much so that all levels of the Malay Muslims - whether leaders, kings, people or government parties - became victims of the ‘epidemic.”

He further philosophised: “Although I’m of a different pool from Tun Mahathir, our water is still the same but just that the temperature is different. Our pool is unlike that swam by Kit Siang, (PM Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim, the UMNO leader who was with him, and the so-called Malay intellectuals.” - March 24, 2023

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