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Ramadan bazaar traders: We have no choice but to raise prices

Publish date: Fri, 24 Mar 2023, 09:07 AM

KUALA LUMPUR: Ramadan bazaar traders in the city said they have no choice but to raise prices of food despite knowing that the move will upset their customers.

A check at a bazaar organised by Strand Mall, there were not many visitors on the first day of its operation.

But despite the underwhelming visit, the bazaar was filled with unique mouth-watering food such as cinnamon rolls, traditional kuih, and roti john.

One of the traders include Pro Burger's Special Roti John Ayam Crispy that was established by Zulkifli Johari, 60, who has been running the business for the last 15 years.

For Zulkifli, the increase in prices of raw material had forced him to raise the price of his roti john.

"Due to the suppliers setting up higher price of their raw material, we have no choice as the end-receiver but to increase ours too.

"Previously, we sold our roti john at RM10, but now we're selling it at RM12. Other establishments might sell them at RM9 to RM13 so ours is still considered affordable," he added.

He said he intended to sell them at RM15, but needed to consider the current state of the economy and if customers could afford the food.

"People often go for the cheaper ones, so we set the price according to the people's preference," he said.

However, despite the predicament, the traders here said their food was well-received by the customers.

Tepung Pelita Istimewa owner Nur Hidayat Omar, 36, said she was happy with how their organisers were offering bazaar lots at a reasonable price.

"At first, they offered RM2,000 per lot for the entire month of Ramadan.

"But seeing that this is their first-ever bazaar, there are not many people around yet... so considering that, they then offered RM1,000.

"The latest I've heard, they are letting traders use the available lots at RM30 per day.

"I'm happy that they are giving us the opportunities to do business this month," she said.

Khalisah, 25, a frequent customer of Pro Roti John Ayam Crispy, came all the way to the Strand Mall to get her favourite roti john.

She said food at other bazaars were expensive because of their rental rate.

"They would mark up the price to cover their expenses.

"Here, I'm satisfied. A roti john here only cost RM12, while others are pricey, about RM15 and more," she added.

First time customer of the Gemilang Ramadan Aidilfitri bazaar, Faisal, 51, said he bought fried tumeric chicken with rice (nasi putih ayam goreng kunyit) set for just RM6.

Faisal said he hoped that the organiser would continue to have this bazaar for next year's Ramadan.

"This location is strategic because there is a roof preventing us from being exposed to the rain, especially during this unpredictable weather." he added.

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