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Flooding forces evacuation of three longhouses in Kanowit

Publish date: Mon, 27 Mar 2023, 09:06 AM

A total of 91 people from 30 families from Langong House in Nanga Bat, Suzusie Lily Jenau House and Nyalong Indet House, in Nanga Baloh, all on the banks of Sungai Ngemah were affected. Sekolah Kebangsaan Ulu Poi meanwhile was flooded with waters of up to 1.2m deep.

The flooding occurred on Saturday (March 25) following continuous rain from midnight till morning in Ulu Ngemah.

Videos of the flood in Ngemah went viral on social media platforms as residents sought assistance from the authorities.

Residents complained that their houses were flooded and had no way to leave as their boats were carried away by swift currents in the video.

Ngemah assemblyman Anyie Jana visited the affected longhouses along with the authorities.

As of 6pm, floodwaters were reported to be receding. – Bernama

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