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National Unity Ministry will push forth despite low funds

Publish date: Mon, 27 Mar 2023, 09:09 AM

PETALING JAYA: Having the smallest allocation under the revised Budget 2023 has made the National Unity Ministry go the extra mile to sustain its plans to bring Malaysians together.

With only RM0.57bil (RM571,341,500), or 0.15% out of Budget 2023’s RM388.1bil allocation earmarked for the ministry, its minister Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang said the objective now “is to make sure that every sen counts”.

Under the allocation, RM25mil is to support programmes such as Kembara Perpaduan Malaysia Madani (RM10mil), Ini Warisan Kita (RM10mil) and Nusa Citra @MUZIUM (RM5mil), which encompasses activities focused on promoting unity and social integration among the various communities.

Aaron Ago said based on the programmes planned throughout 2023 under the flagship Kembara Perpaduan Malaysia Madani campaign, RM50mil is required.

He pledged to plod on despite the much reduced funding, saying: “We want to achieve the objectives and targets that have been set.”

He said to ensure the implementation of the planned objectives, the ministry will use the “whole of government approach”.

“This is cross-portfolio cooperation between government agencies with the execution of actions shared to achieve the goals of Malaysia Madani,” he told The Star.

Aaron Ago said the ministry has also produced the Malaysia Madani Unity Framework which is premised on the concept of unity in diversity.

Through this framework, he said the Kembara Perpaduan Malaysia Madani programme was rolled out comprising three clusters centred on achieving the objectives of the National Unity Policy.

The three clusters are the Nationalism Spirit (Semarak Kenegaraan), Unity Spirit (Semarak Perpaduan) and Compassionate Community (Komuniti Rahmah).

“The Nationalism cluster is a programme that aims to improve knowledge, understanding and appreciation of ideals as well as principles of Rukun Negara and the history of national civilisation to strengthen identity and spirit of love for the country among people from all walks of life,” he said.

Out of the ministry’s total allocation under Budget 2023, RM541,595,300 is for operating and RM29,746,200 for development expenditure.

Operating expenditure consists of expenses for general management and emoluments among others while development expenditure relates to costs incurred to create assets that will provide long-term public goods which include upgrading works for the National Archives, remodelling and upgrading of museums and the National Library.

Under the initial Budget 2023 announced on Oct 7, 2022, RM0.46bil was set aside for the ministry while under Budget 2022, the ministry was allocated RM0.54bil.

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