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No plans to revive UPSR, PT3, says deputy minister

Publish date: Tue, 06 Jun 2023, 04:17 PM

The education ministry today reiterated its decision not to revive the primary school achievement test (UPSR) and the Form Three assessment (PT3) anytime soon. 

Deputy Education Minister Lim Hui Ying said this was because the ministry was giving focus on the holistic development of students through the implementation of the school-based assessment (PBS) and classroom-based assessment (PBD) systems. 

"PBS and PBD give enough opportunities to develop student potential in a continuous and comprehensive manner, and therefore, we will not be reviving UPSR and PT3," she said during the question-and-answer session at the Dewan Rakyat today. 

She was responding to a supplementary question from Cha Kee Chin (PH-Rasah) who wanted to know if the education ministry was planning to reintroduce both the UPSR and PT3. 

To the original question from Roslan Hashim (PN-Kulim Bandar Baharu) on measures planned to strengthen the implementation of PBS and PBD, Lim said findings from engagement sessions held on the examinations' future direction are being discussed at a two-day convention that ends tomorrow.

Lim said the ministry has also updated the 2019 second edition of the PBD implementation guidebook by attaching a checklist on the quality assurance process, namely mentoring, monitoring, tracking and coordination.

"The education ministry has also improved the psychometric assessment component aimed at preparing students with knowledge, skills and values ​​as a solid foundation for them to follow learning sessions at the next level," she said. 

The UPSR and PT3 were fully abolished last year and replaced with PBS and PBD.

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