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Sabahans bring Kaamatan celebration to Scotland

Publish date: Sat, 10 Jun 2023, 01:03 PM

PENAMPANG: Despite being 11,000km apart and the obvious time zone differences, Sabahans in the United Kingdom made the recent Kaamatan celebration an event they would remember for years to come.

The Glasgow Kaamaatan 2023 celebration in Scotland was a rather small affair as compared to the events that many Sabahans conduct every year in their home state.

However, the fun-filled gathering with food, music and dance was a chance for participants to forge closer ties while celebrating their rich culture.

Sabahan Abroad United Kingdom (SAUK) president Alfred Edward said the event was planned several months ahead to allow Sabahans around the UK to make their way to Scotland.

"We (SAUK) advertised the event as the Harvest Festival. Its details were released months before the event on our Facebook and Instagram pages so that fellow Sabahans can make plans to join it.

"Surprisingly, it caught the attention of Scotland members of parliament for North Kelvinside Patrick Grady and he was also present to see the event for himself.

"He was very grateful that we brought the colours of diversity to Scotland," he said.

Alfred, who has been in the UK for 17 years, initially as a student and now working professionally, said that there were many Sabahans from all over UK, the United States and Africa nations who joined the Glasgow Kaamatan 2023.

There were also many other Scottish and English participants besides others who came from Iran, Brazil, Italy and Spain.

"They enjoyed every bit of it. We had a mix of food because it was kind of a potluck. So, we pretty much had a spread of international food.

"There was pasta, briyani rice, white rice, noodles, chicken curry, rendang, lemang, cakes and hotdogs.

" But the best dishes were Tuhau, Bambangan, Hinava and Hinompuka. We also held a karaoke session and danced the 'sumazau'," said Alfred.

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