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JB MCA veep censures division’s incumbent deputy for alleging elections rigged to favour Ka Siong

Publish date: Sat, 10 Jun 2023, 09:14 AM

JOHOR BARU, June 9 — A senior Johor Baru MCA leader has denounced the division’s deputy chief Ang Boon Heng for shirking his responsibilities as a candidate for the top post in light of the coming divisional elections and unfairly discrediting party president Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong, who is not a divisional candidate.

Johor Baru MCA incumbent vice-chief Dr Au Tai Yiat said Ang should place emphasis on his campaign as a candidate for the division chief post, rather than having a press conference alleging meddling in the election process.

He reminded Ang, who is also the Johor MCA vice-chief, that it is the delegates’ votes that count at the end of the day and not “sub-par or nonsensical publicity stunts” by him.

“Ang must have felt that he may not have the approval or votes of support from the division such that he has to resort to such underhanded tactics to sway the sentiment to his favour.

“However, from how it looks, he is not doing himself any favours but rather, riling up the division delegates further against him for his publicity stunts,” said Dr Au in a statement issued tonight.

He was responding to Ang’s allegation yesterday where he blamed Wee for being power hungry and was also the hidden hand behind the nomination of the Johor Baru MCA division’s top post.

Ang also hit out at another contender for the Johor Baru MCA chief post, the division’s incumbent Youth chief Bong Seng Heng, who is Wee’s cousin. The lawyer and social activist claimed that it was a ploy for Wee to exert his influence at the division.

Dr Au advised Ang as the candidate for the division chief’s post to spend more time campaigning and highlighting his vision and mission and how he can be a good division leader as the election has been set for tomorrow and Sunday.

He said this was more beneficial rather than having a press conference and trying to discredit Wee who is not even contesting.

“First of all, the division chief’s post is elected and Wee is not ‘relinquishing it’ to Ang or anyone outright for that matter as he would have otherwise believed.

“Secondly, anyone can contest or challenge the post. Be it Wee’s cousin, comrade, friend, aunty or uncle. It is their democratic right,” he said, adding that Ang should understand the concept and spirit as he is a senior party member and a legal practitioner.

Dr Au said Ang, who had twice stood as an elected representative candidate and was also a two-term city councillor, should be appreciative of the past opportunities that were given to him.

“Ang also owes much of these to Wee who had also appointed him as MCA’s national legal bureau head and Johor MCA vice-chief, not to mention risking his own reputation to recommend him to these positions.

“Therefore, if Ang believes in his track record, he should let the divisional delegates judge his performance. After all, the party election is a democratic process,” he said.

Dr Au has been a strong advocate for a fair and friendly competition as MCA goes into its divisional-level elections on June 10 and 11.

He was instrumental in seeking to calm emotions for the party’s Johor Baru division after Wee, who is also the division’s chief, had recently decided not to seek re-election.

Yesterday, Ang alleged that Wee was behind the irregularities that took place during the last moments of the division’s nominations earlier this month.

He said it was unfair that Wee is still holding on to his position as the party’s Johor Baru division chief as he claimed that it was previously agreed that it would be relinquished to him.

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