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Rahmah Sales a boon to people hard-pressed while waiting for payday

Publish date: Thu, 30 Nov 2023, 09:26 AM

PADANG BESAR: The Rahmah Sales programme is a welcome means for the people to buy their necessities at cheaper prices while waiting for payday each month.

Some of the many visitors to the programme, who were met by Bernama at the Mobile Rahmah Sales, near Masjid Ar-Ridza in Kampung Panggas, in the Chuping state constituency, near here today (November 29), said they waited anxiously for the Rahmah Sales programme.

People's Volunteer Corps (Rela) member Akma Abdullah, 30, who is a loyal customer of the Rahmah Sales programme, always waits for the programme to be held in the vicinity to buy groceries.

"The Rahmah Sales programme is really worth it. I will wait for it as the prices are vastly different from those in the supermarket. I am just waiting for payday as I can save on my monthly expenditure. I will wait for the Rahmah Sales schedule, and I'm also willing to go elsewhere if there is a sale there," Akma said.

Sharing the same opinion as Akma is housewife Suhaini Ibrahim, 40, from Kampung Panggas, who said the Rahmah Sales is the preferred place for her to buy necessities at cheap prices while waiting for her husband to get his salary.

"As I am a housewife and while waiting for my husband's salary, I can reduce my expenditure by shopping at the Rahmah Sales. I have shopped at the Rahmah Sales at three different locations," she also said.

Suhaini hopes that more types of goods, such as washing detergent, will be sold at the Rahmah Sales programmes.

Meanwhile, a Kafa (Al-Quran and Fardu Ain) teacher, Noor Fadzlina Hassan, 37, shared that she really looks forward to the programme as she is able to save by buying kitchen supplies here at much lower prices compared to buying them at sundry shops, adding that the Rahmah Sales programme's opening hours are from 8am to 12.30pm which gives her ample time to do her shopping before heading off to work later in the afternoon.

"While waiting for payday, we really look forward to the Rahmah Sales programme, because if we look at the price of imported white rice for example, you can buy a five kg (kilogramme) bag for only RM13.50. If we want to purchase it at a store, we will be looking at more than RM40 for a 10kg bag," she added. -BERNAMA

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