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2023-05-29 17:16 | Report Abuse

How is their dyson contracts, from what i know their pricing is losing out to the vietnamese.

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2023-01-14 03:57 | Report Abuse

Thanks, ive been out of msian markets for too long, only holding, hibiscus, mfcb and yinson. And missed this.

Very interesting, thanks. Look at oppstar when you have the time.


2021-09-15 15:29 | Report Abuse

I still think on expected value across the range of possibilities is positive at this price. But i dont need the variance and i have better ideas.


2021-09-15 15:28 | Report Abuse

I sold sometime back for USD41 to buy nagacorp. Cannot sleep even if hold bond haha. Got better ideas with better risk reward.



Indicative Bid Price 29+...below Philip n John's cost
15/09/2021 12:20 PM


2021-06-07 23:34 | Report Abuse

It appears that people here are quoting my name and article alot.

I would like to say, its not so clear cut. After some deep study, i think the odds are more like 50/50 on Karim being legitimate.

I've bought a small position in the 2022 bonds at 40 cents on the dollar.

Good luck.


2021-05-21 11:08 | Report Abuse

I dont think people realize how big of a gamechanger this is.

MCO again? Good for Mynews.

Now all the shops no revenue anyway, makes it easier to just shut a few down and convert.

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2021-05-06 16:43 | Report Abuse

Knowing how talented he is, he will somehow lose money again, and then blame me.

Chang Yee Fong WallStreetRookie So passive aggressive.
06/05/2021 3:26 PM

wallstreetrookie Go go go we make money at Choivo recommendation. I don't care about fundamentals I just want my gains
06/05/2021 3:22 PM


2021-05-06 12:41 | Report Abuse


dompeilee Chiovo & gang already distributed 2 u naive newbies already lo...u think he's so charitable 2 diligently do write up for you ppl 2 make $$$ meh? He pocket ur money first lo
27/04/2021 10:14 AM


2021-04-28 13:34 | Report Abuse

Regardless of what people say (its very easy to find articles to support whatever viewpoint you desire),

You can keep track on all the news here, and make up your own mind.


2021-03-31 11:50 | Report Abuse

I like gkent, but i didnt like it after they said they going into gloves.


2021-03-26 11:06 | Report Abuse

Market is forward looking


2021-03-26 11:05 | Report Abuse

Well, last q lost 10m, today went up 1%


2021-03-26 10:05 | Report Abuse

Pity i woke up late, couldnt get some 83 sen.

But honestly, considering how fast it rose last 2 weeks, today drop is so small, it looks like consolidation lol.


2021-03-26 09:41 | Report Abuse

as expected, the drop not so bad, alot of big buyers


2021-03-25 19:16 | Report Abuse

I think we need to note a few things.

No 1, has there been alot of retailer interest in this stock? Look at the comments at I3, just us few people keep comment only. I dont think so.

So where is the interest coming, well, its the fund houses. Aberdeen is the most obvious one, and their research is flowing out.

No 2, This quarter, basically the entire quarter kena MCO/CMCO, so revenue and profit down. Now, despite bad results, stock price every day up. Why is this the case, i dont believe the fund houses dont have lubang to know if earnings good or bad.

Chances are market is pricing in the future, which is vaccine, less movement controls and CU store.

You want to buy Family Mart now, you need to pay 70PE and also buy a whole chicken business. You want to buy SEM,, go pay 50 PE bah. You want buy Mynews and CU, less than 20 times normalized earnings.

I'm ok, ill hold and wait. See everyone on 1 April at the new CU store in centrepoint.


2021-03-25 18:14 | Report Abuse

This company is quite linked to how restrictive travelling is. So i expected a loss. To be fair, the impact of the restriction is higher than what i expect.

Having said that, as the restrictions loosen continually moving forward, along with the news of the vaccine and the first CU store opening 1 April, and more to come during the year. Im quite ok with the company.


2021-03-22 23:28 | Report Abuse

the thing people need to know is this.

Among all insurance co in msia, the absolute worst is MNRB, for everybody who wants to buy MNRB, there are so many institutions dying to sell.

Good luck.


2021-03-22 16:06 | Report Abuse

investment banks and funds waking up d.


2021-02-22 14:20 | Report Abuse

One lorry worth Rm750mil is it?

The whole thing is packed with dry ice, just need to move it on a lorry. The lorry take a few trips per day for 1 week.

Since 3 phase, its 3 weeks, make the company worth RM750m more is it?

Posted by Flying Fox > Feb 22, 2021 2:01 PM | Report Abuse

Malaysia government do no need your sense to do their business

amtheng they are the largest CCL in Malaysia and it doesn't make sense for MOH not to utilise them. There are still other vaccines to be distributed as well. You're aware DHL services doesn't come cheap and probably paid for by Pfizer to ensure the delivery goes well for the 1st batch.
22/02/2021 1:01 PM


2021-02-22 13:25 | Report Abuse

Btw, insiders have told me training of staff for CU stores done. Reno all almost d. Opening end of feb to 1st week of March.


2021-02-03 11:20 | Report Abuse

Just rumors cause stock prices to fly 20-30% in 1 week. What if actual picture of muyihaddin and other politicians taking vaccine show up?


2021-02-03 11:19 | Report Abuse

Limpeh just going to hold, you remember Dec when vaccine news out, but in the end petered out as govt said will need more time.

Now confirm receive on 26 Feb, and will distribute right away.

You think go up or down then? Now price all time low, risk all time low.


2021-02-03 11:18 | Report Abuse

Vaccine coming out 26 Feb.

What do you think will happen to sentiment then?


2021-01-22 12:44 | Report Abuse

regardless of dividend policy, after capex and interest costs etc, TNB have no money for div. They've been borrowing money to pay div.


2021-01-08 15:37 | Report Abuse

yeap, btw possible october style lockdown come Tuesday/Monday.

Having said that, price now is at the same level when lockdown in October, and all time lows. So im fine.


2021-01-08 11:13 | Report Abuse

haha raider, i rather they dont sell newspapers at all.


2021-01-08 10:38 | Report Abuse

Yeap as i understand 1st store is mid to late Jan, they may have some changes since then.


2021-01-07 03:49 | Report Abuse

I've had not had the time to post this in i3 for now, so here is a link to my research into kfima.


2021-01-07 03:48 | Report Abuse

I've had not had the time to post on i3 yet, so here is a link to my update on mynews for q4 2020.


2021-01-07 03:47 | Report Abuse

I have not had the time to post on I3 yet, but i wrote an update.


2021-01-04 17:06 | Report Abuse

Panic what.

Chairman of Prasarana lanci, want to play with gkent etc.

Gkent etc write to MOF

MACC straight go visit Prasarana.

You think prasarana still dont dare pay boh?


2020-12-30 14:14 | Report Abuse

Still 50% of portfolio.

I think i should write something here to explain my thinking subsequent to the drop.


2020-12-23 11:05 | Report Abuse


Also one thing you guys may not know, before this an external party handled their shipping. But with the FPC and RTE segment, the external party couldnt fit their timing exactly and this resulted in wastages

Starting from this Q, they have made internalized their logistics department.


2020-12-21 23:23 | Report Abuse

Recovery is slower than expected.

If i had to guess, i think its mainly due to malls being the last ones to recover in terms of traffic. Especially those non premium malls. And mynews is 80% malls.

Still, i trust the management


2020-12-14 17:44 | Report Abuse

Aberdeen hentam MYNEWS again.


2020-12-11 15:19 | Report Abuse

Market prices in the future imho. We will see i guess.


2020-12-10 18:54 | Report Abuse

The CEO himself just bought some shares.

up to you.