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2023-05-15 13:20 | Report Abuse

Lurker, now that you mentioned PearlWhite aka kacang putih.... Nah_tuk writes the same pattern!


2023-04-29 08:18 | Report Abuse

LOL! This sadist hari hari hantam sendiri DIY in toilet is caught at penthouse price!

No we don’t have a single ticket of Dx, all sold at 1.30 long ago.


2023-04-26 19:17 | Report Abuse

Trying to use 8 lids to cover 10 pots would not work. Bringing in new pots and using their lids would only need more pots......

How to "squeeze blood from stones?"


2023-04-26 18:41 | Report Abuse

Year after years of giving free fare and then selling tickets which is even cheaper than the cost of bus fares??? Which Economic of Scale is possible to average the other high cost fares to these free ones? Advertisements?? more like pipe piper pulling in the crowds.


2023-04-26 18:00 | Report Abuse

The Ponzi maestro, Madoff used his personal touch and well developed trust to grow his lair of high valued clients. He amassed a family assets of over USD33 Billions spanning over 30+ years of musical chairs. When exposed, the total invested funds was over USD72 Billions, and all burned.

Stony borrowed the story line but was careful to inject into a Company, with the CEO washing his hands, feet and toes squeeky clean for the getaway. Where in the world can a rice shop gives away sacks of free rice and only charge delivery charges to your home??? Millions of free tickets every year with only baggage fees?

But Stony was also a Robin Hood, this Rob_a_hod takes from the rich and gave to the poor, so "everyone can fly!!!"

When the music stopped back in 2019 due to Covid, all Hell breaks loose as no fresh meat to feed the old dogs..........and the rest they said is history.

TAYOR : check with your Remisier before coming to a decision.


2023-04-26 17:33 | Report Abuse

I love it when bad guys wants to re-arrange my tells me I am saying all the right things!


2023-04-26 17:27 | Report Abuse

"If not up, then it's down, if not left, then it's right"........don't worry folks, he has everything covered.......laugh die me!


2023-04-26 17:25 | Report Abuse

Only 1.03 tomorrow??? When is TP 1.80??. LOL!

"...1.03 and up. If not, it will drop..." ......opening his mouth just for the sake of farting?


2023-04-26 16:34 | Report Abuse

Nah, not everywhere and anyone.....I just like to pick out liars like you!


2023-04-26 16:28 | Report Abuse the Clown/Crown(?) claims he knows everything about everyone.....Axe lost a lot of money????......... That's News to me.


2023-04-26 16:16 | Report Abuse

Last we checked, this was still a free forum. Please dun tell everyone that you have now bought this i3 forum too....hahahahahaha


2023-04-26 16:11 | Report Abuse

I believe I am not the only one laughing at this Clown/Crown(?)...LOL

He reads his toilet rolls as Charts readings.......laugh die me.


2023-04-26 15:50 | Report Abuse

This Clown thinks that throwing in a few made-up figure and call them double bottom range can still work as lies?? laugh die me... OPEN your eyes... it now only at 1.00 !!


2023-04-26 15:32 | Report Abuse

Is he pointing East but going West??...

Posted by TheCrown > 1 hour ago | Report Abuse

Target Still 1.80 above...

Posted by TheCrown > 45 seconds ago | Report Abuse

This guy Stocks888 is a promoter. Won't rocket today. It will drop. But if its up, very lucky to those who buy at the bottom


2023-04-26 15:23 | Report Abuse

Yeah, Time when due will Wind up the boloh...dun even know the reason why it's at 3.5c..........clowns!


2023-04-26 15:01 | Report Abuse

Another mf wearing crown on his backside and farting lies with his mouth!


2023-04-26 15:00 | Report Abuse

Selling Assets which don't belong to you anymore to repay loans can only come from a classmate of mf longkang cat... they are brain dead.

This is now 2023 and no longer in 2019 when PNB also helped out.


2023-04-26 14:53 | Report Abuse

Light story telling time with scones and coffee...
A brain damaged kid is owing big time to banks over his house and car. He is thinking of selling his car to pay for his house, and doesn't realise his car is still owing under Hire Purchase to Bank.....laugh die me.


2023-04-26 14:51 | Report Abuse

Maybe can sell your azz....Lap SAP has no ownership of their Assets without first clearing the Lien and charge by boloh!!!


2023-04-26 13:19 | Report Abuse

Just you check the price again when Pharma receives legal Letter of Demand from Supplier for Payments...LOL!


2023-04-26 13:19 | Report Abuse

Now you've read and seen everything! People do have brains in their backsides. How can Lap SAP get out of Debts by merging with MHB??


2023-04-19 08:38 | Report Abuse

Mf longkang cat is such a child to think the Banks would say publicly that Lap SAP's debts would have significant impact on them??? Where the hell is she from??? And even if it doesn't have any impact on the Banks.....what is the actual party facing the IMPACT? Lap SAP or the Banks???

Bankers/Creditors have taken the last step to sue and Wind up the Company, later tear their Assets apart and sell for scraps.... recover a little token cash immediately rather than holding Debt Papers for a decade.

Everyone already knows that, except Mother_father longkang cat.


2023-04-19 08:24 | Report Abuse

Yeah right, after consolidation 20 : 1, and white knight give you free money? What about the part where the money flows in for nothing in return....please continue Part 2......


2023-04-19 08:21 | Report Abuse

Mf longkang cat spamming again????

Talk FACTS on Lap SAP la.......tell us how they could settle their Debts???? White knights fall from sky and give free money???


2023-04-19 08:17 | Report Abuse

LOL!...laugh die me....Najib is in prison and no long relevant nor the PM of the country....
But PMx is not keen on Bailout, even during the Debate?? were sleeping like a baby for 2 whole hours??


2023-04-19 08:15 | Report Abuse

Miss what boat? Is is train or boat to Holland you are already on???

Who wants a Neg NA company??? You don't know FA ke?


2023-04-19 08:14 | Report Abuse

Mf longkang cat bought at 1.60, averaged all the way from 1.20 to 9c and then 6c and still below PNB's holding price??? Like that everyone can say their price is below PNB also, right????

So boloh, you didn't just get in at 4c...or think we are all 3 year olds???


2023-04-19 08:08 | Report Abuse

Yeah, buy lottery....anything is possible........only fools who don't know what is Share Value and Corporate Exercises would do.......just talk rubbish and money fall from sky from white knights!!!


2023-04-19 08:05 | Report Abuse

Talk FACTS, don't avoid with all your shitty puisi.......How is Lap SAP going to settle their Debts???


2023-04-19 08:04 | Report Abuse

Simple words.....anything is possible...??? and investors throw in money and wait for a miracle like what you said many times in Serba???


2023-04-19 08:03 | Report Abuse

First talk about CapitalA restucting and now FGV "white knight" how is Lap SAP white knight going to be???

You forgotten to add that PNB pumped in Billions of rgt the past few years?? So, how many more time do they need to do that??


2023-04-19 08:01 | Report Abuse

This is not a History or Geography class.... don't tell us what we already know.....

How can Lap SAP settle their Debts and make every shareholder happy??


2023-04-19 07:58 | Report Abuse

Yeah, we have narrow minds... tell us the big picture. How to settle their Debts??


2023-04-19 07:57 | Report Abuse

You mentioned share consolidation would increase their price...right...go on.....tell more lies after that....go on....


2023-04-19 07:56 | Report Abuse

You can dream on your losses at SD. We don't give a shittt now since it's suspended and awaiting delisting.

Talk Lap SAP here. How can they settled their Debts and out of PN17???


2023-04-19 07:53 | Report Abuse

What swing? You think the price can be moved now? You don't know what is a Locked Price or Trapped Trading??? How stu...peed!!! so Boloh!!!


2023-04-19 07:51 | Report Abuse

Still talking rubbish and spamming?? Can't say anything factual? Got dick in your mouth?

What has Amarco anything to do with Lap SAP's Debts settlement? They said would be white knight and will pay for free? or you're holding their dicks?? You want to spread more rumors on Amarco as white knight for brownies points or have more dicks?


2023-04-19 07:47 | Report Abuse

Kowtim? How? Tell us how did CapitalA kowtim their Debts? Can suddenly all disappeared meh?

How Lap SAP will kowtim?? You service white knight's dick and he kowtim for you??


2023-04-19 07:46 | Report Abuse

What half baked stories? Talk FACTS la...cannot understand your childish pranks.....just go back to Serba and you'd be killed instantly.

Tell us, how can Lap SAP debts be settled and be saved?? Your white knight tales again? You're hooked on his dick every 2 hours of sleep every night??? He wants nothing in return just keep give free money and his dick to you??


2023-04-19 07:40 | Report Abuse

Want a white knight is all you can say?? How childish! And the white knight gives you free money to save Lap SAP for nothing in return? How would the exercise pan out??? Maybe white knight also gives longkang cat his dick to eat every 2 hours at night? ...sleeping like a baby????


2023-04-19 07:35 | Report Abuse

Mf longknag cat back to old tricks to bury other's post with long rubbish spams. Cannot even defend her own logic. No dignity and complete waste of Earth's oxygen.

Face FACTS and tell us how Lap SAP could get out of Debts and still make every shareholder happy......that would be the better way to shut me up. You couldn't because you don't have and FA or TA. Don't even fricking know anything about Corporate Exercises.....Shameful!


2023-04-19 07:06 | Report Abuse

Mother_father longkang cat sleeps like a baby?...waking up every 2 hours and crying non-stop?

Serial liar never takes responsibilities and can never stop lying. Twisting and turning to be Right? Advised investors to stay away from Serba???? You must be the Best Liar in the whole Universe!!! MF!!!

Stop being a F^^*king baby!!! Talking shitt and luring many to buy just because you're stuck at penthouse all the time. At KNM, Parkson, Dnex, Serba and SAP, losing everything. Have nothing left, not even your f^*king face to your name!!!

News & Blogs

2023-04-18 17:34 | Report Abuse

To extend the Concession is only part of the frame, the other 2 questions begging for answers are : who would swallow those expiring/expire baby piss vaccine and who would finance the settlement of Pharma's looming Debts of nearly RM 1 Billion?

Then the true picture of Cronyism would surface.


2023-04-18 16:38 | Report Abuse

Taxi man curse came below 80c....hahahaha


2023-04-18 15:59 | Report Abuse

Hmmmm...what do they use pinewood for? coffins??


2023-04-18 15:36 | Report Abuse

Dun be silly, why do they need to do RI??? It's a shares swap for MIDF......unless you know something we don't?

MBSB NOSH already 7+ tau tak??


2023-04-18 15:32 | Report Abuse

It would not be a professional to Short this little fella 1.07.......hahahaha...only at 1.15 and above.


2023-04-18 15:26 | Report Abuse

How naive....a sweet little child you are....hahahaha


2023-04-18 14:58 | Report Abuse

MOH set to extend Pharma Concession, details still unknown yet. But it's still not out of the woods.....Debts challenges and Bankers' Credit lines woes.


2023-04-18 14:56 | Report Abuse

Hari Raya ang pau today? was at 60c only 2 days and then today rise to high of 73c??