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Posted by Johnzhang > 2022-03-03 19:28 | Report Abuse

Is FY2022 earning good ? What about the $294 mil lawsuit by the indonesian government which remain outstanding ? What about TDM's track record and managememt quality ?


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Posted by citadel888 > 2022-03-03 20:30 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by hoot9e996 > 2022-03-03 21:18 | Report Abuse

buying some wont hurt anyway, ride the sector in play just need to know when to enter and exit


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Posted by kelvin61 > 2022-03-03 21:26 | Report Abuse

Geezer has cunningly excluded pertinent information as usual to deceive readers to buy this stock to profit at higher prices. Please don't take his analysis seriously as school boys can do a better job. It's riddled with inaccurate assumptions and exclusion of material liabilities. Stay invested in well managed companies like JTIASA, BPLANT, HSPLANT and TAANN, among others, cheers.


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Posted by Powerplay666 > 2022-03-03 21:51 | Report Abuse

Unker, you always enter so late la. Everyone is already in palm oil since February. Some more the choice of stock you made is really not good at all. Badly managed company. Based on your track record in steel, I think its time for you to try another game.


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Posted by Calafate > 2022-03-03 22:17 | Report Abuse

Cannot follow lah. Uncle Koon no more applying his 'Golden Rule' selection.

Posted by prudentinvestor > 2022-03-03 22:28 | Report Abuse

There are three plantation counters that I will never touch, they are TDM, Harnlen and Pinepac. Keck Seng is also grossly undervalued. It has thousands of hectares of plantation land in JB that has not been revalued for 40 years.


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Posted by emsvsi > 2022-03-03 22:33 | Report Abuse

Dear Mr Koon Yew Yin, if you bought Genting (3182) you would be standing on the shoulder of giants and you would have the cheapest exposure to Genting Plantations but alas, you chose the shortcut, and they always lead astray.....


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Posted by maestro85 > 2022-03-03 22:50 | Report Abuse

now everyone will not buy tdm


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Posted by Wizman > 2022-03-03 23:09 | Report Abuse

You all be surprise TDM will make RM90mil - RM100mil 2022. TDM past losses due to wrote off dis-continued operation [Kalimantan estate] & if disposal Kalimantan estate progress well , TDM should report better profit for the next few quarters 2022,due to the historical high CPO price. TDM indeed very undervalue! Fair price RM0.60 above...


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Posted by smartly > 2022-03-03 23:18 | Report Abuse

tomorrow limit up. LOL!


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Posted by sensonic > 2022-03-03 23:35 | Report Abuse

i will spend 1mil buy tomorrow. thanks uncle

Posted by PatienceWin > 2022-03-03 23:54 | Report Abuse

Dont listen to this kon KYY , i got caught in AT cause of him promoting how good is AT etc. He will start distribute when u guys buying. Just trade carefully and goodluck :)


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Posted by smartly > 2022-03-04 00:16 | Report Abuse

aiyo. this AT is a con stock. you dare to buy !?


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Posted by jasontan1177 > 2022-03-04 06:40 | Report Abuse

If you are not asking people to buy.why u posted this article ?
Dun talk kok here


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Posted by Johnzhang > 2022-03-04 07:24 | Report Abuse

May be uncle K wants to liquidate his TDM share after seeing disappointing Q4 results? hehehe...


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Posted by DestinyL > 2022-03-04 07:40 | Report Abuse

KYY is good la, he tells you a correct opposite story


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Posted by Berlin > 2022-03-04 07:55 | Report Abuse

What lousy simple minded analysis. Similar to his helicopter hype years ago on JTiasa when it was above RM2.00. He sold his entire holdings when followers bought in and laughed at them subsequently for not getting out quick enough. This is an evil old conman with no conscience. Beware. TDM is cheap for good reason. There may be more large write offs to come from discontinued operations since RM105 million of its assets is still held in the books.


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Posted by gemfinder > 2022-03-04 08:24 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by bang_miskin > 2022-03-04 08:26 | Report Abuse

For months this fox has been promoting all kinds of steel counters, then suddenly informs his readers that TDM is his largest investment. Readers who take him seriously should contact me first. I know a way to earn 1 billion ringgit, but you must first wire me 10 million first, no questions asked.


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Posted by Tiger62 > 2022-03-04 08:34 | Report Abuse

If you look at the board of directors and management, all are Haji haji make me loss all my appetite and all the confident gone gone and gone. I can't imaging KYY can confidently recommend this stock and he can believe all these Haji2 can do a good job ? KYY intention is christel clear. cheat the poor retail investors and make all these Haji haji making millions in the process of his stealing. So beware guys.

Posted by tradezignals > 2022-03-04 09:40 | Report Abuse

i am holding TDM just like Mr Koon Yew Yin. He is a value investor. I aim to double my investment ..lets just see whether i am right or wrong...i am holding 50K shares..not much,,but still some money cost is at 0.32cents which i bought long time ago.

Posted by tradezignals > 2022-03-04 09:47 | Report Abuse

well, frankly. a lot of people invest not knowing what they are doing. Mr Koon principal is very simple and easy to use. He is a good old man, perhaps he does have some mistakes..but no one is GOD..not even analyst. My investing principle is simple, buy what you know and buy those company with good earnings growth.. and trading at a reasonable PE valuation or PEG. good luck.

Posted by prudentinvestor > 2022-03-04 09:54 | Report Abuse

When someone tells me that Maybank is his largest investment, I will tell him that "you made the right choice". When someone tells me that TDM is his largest investment, I will tell him "be careful, you may lose all your money!"


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Posted by rob8ry24 > 2022-03-04 10:05 | Report Abuse

same pattern like ays prestar leonfb etc. so undervalue. cheapest steel stock. lowest pe. my largest hplding. blaa bla bla. then, stock is hopeless. i have sold. typical granpa conyewyin.


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Posted by ahbah > 2022-03-04 10:32 | Report Abuse

Plantation stks ... sapu ANY plantation stks we like lah.


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Posted by ahbah > 2022-03-04 10:33 | Report Abuse

The chippest plantation stk is the plantation stk we LIKE.


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Posted by Wizman > 2022-03-04 10:59 | Report Abuse

Record-high CPO price as well as the continuing rehabilitation TDM oil palm programme, will expedite the divestment Kalimantan estate. If successfully disposal Kalimantan estate, worst is over for TDM 2022! With new experienced CEO & CFO appointed recent months, things look bright for TDM 2022 onwards. Recent media release if investor look carefully, TDM make good profit & revenue, highest in 10years. With CPO 5,000 - 8000, TDM will make fantastic net profit RM100mil - RM200mil 2022! Super-Bull -Run All Palm Oil Stocks 2022, including TDM will make historical net profit & investors will get better dividends & bonus shares. Happy invest in Palm Oil stocks....


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Posted by pokerpro88 > 2022-03-04 11:09 | Report Abuse

thank you for recommending TDM. I sold it this morning to buy TSH


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Posted by enning22 > 2022-03-04 11:19 | Report Abuse

don't be silly , the monthly cpo production of TDM is merely 4000 ton, revenue received hardly enough for workers and management. tdm should be treated as small holder, not qualified for the mainboard, jaduh standard


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Posted by amateurJR > 2022-03-04 12:01 | Report Abuse

nice joke uncle. haha


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Posted by gohkimhock > 2022-03-04 12:04 | Report Abuse

typical gambler mindset. Hoping for fast buck in the shortest of time at the expense of the innocents ones. That's why i have lost all my respect for you years ago..


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Posted by amateurJR > 2022-03-04 12:14 | Report Abuse

ladyboy Mabel talk shit again. haha shame on this ladyboy


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Posted by Anaconder > 2022-03-04 12:31 | Report Abuse

Few yrs ago uncle strongly recommended Jtiasa, Because of its recommendation, may investors kena burned kau2 . Now he highlighted TDM which lost money for
several yrs. OMG


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Posted by Sslee > 2022-03-04 13:27 | Report Abuse

Everyone should sell TDM to KYY.
TDM plantation land are lease or sublease land, no value.

KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 30): The Indonesian government has filed a RM293.67 million lawsuit against TDM Bhd?s oil palm unit PT Rafi Kamajaya Abadi (RKA) for allegedly acting illegally in relation to a fire incident at the subsidiary's land in West Kalimantan province in 2019


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Posted by gohkimhock > 2022-03-04 13:29 | Report Abuse

He got bad advisors. No doubt about that.

Posted by Airline Bobby > 2022-03-04 14:11 | Report Abuse

Back then whatever he touches go up , nowadays MODERN TIMES whatever he touches goes down ~


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Posted by bluebayou > 2022-03-04 14:23 | Report Abuse

trying to do a meme stock?


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Posted by Sansing > 2022-03-04 15:13 | Report Abuse

I think Uncle shd highlight Supermx instead as Supermx drop like no tomolo


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Posted by SJSOON > 2022-03-04 15:18 | Report Abuse

KYY is no longer an investor. He is a trader now


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Posted by Faiza > 2022-03-04 15:27 | Report Abuse

yup, better all sell to grandfather

Posted by Lukesharewalker > 2022-03-04 17:39 | Report Abuse

As good as telling you to buy Alcom


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Posted by LeonXx9 > 2022-03-05 02:01 | Report Abuse

Ok, time to sell TDM.


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Posted by Goldgent > 2022-03-05 09:14 | Report Abuse

Hehe....two years ago, uncle said he will not buy Government Listed Companies (GLC)) because they are managed by civil servants and politicians. One year later, he recommended KPS (Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor) and now TDM, Terengganu state government GLC.


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Posted by beinvested > 2022-03-05 12:42 | Report Abuse

China just said, like Putin said days ago, no interference by outsiders...the war there the Nato better not to send any army/personnel in, the magnitude of the invasion is too much for the Nato to digest.

In the war, it is not unusual for the winning side to even suffered for the casualties...western media/journalists may got shot also if traveled into the war zone, then put the blame on Russia.

Russia is disciplining fighting between the family/neighbours. No outsiders please, Russia is not bombing Nato members. But if Nato members are supplying arms/ammo to Ukraine...likely it may lead to nuclear war

This Pompeo in Taiwan, if there is anymore of 1 more gram of self-respect or ashamed of himself...


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Posted by beinvested > 2022-03-05 13:45 | Report Abuse

These western Amalekites, ganged up on readiness to fight only. Got UN, EU, what else...allied here , allied there.

Many ran away from their authority, violated the laws of their kings, moved to the New World...the idea of freedom, free of speech/badmouthings/divide and rule/provocation/back stabbing, free from God, liberalism, same sex marriage (already in Taiwan),
THE Russians never play anybody out, business is business, you can trust them...they don't produce hand phone but military equipment/fighter jets, fuel/oil, no durians of course.
But those western, filthy and how to trust them? You see the trade war, hong kong, taiwan, south China sea,

During WW2, the Nazi Ukrainians killed many Jews there. I saw the news , got a Monument for the tragic
event. Ukrainians are to pay their price, via this Jewish president, a comedian? Putin also maybe do a favor for them and to protect Russia. Putin got sheltered by a Jewish family during his childhood when facing poverty, he has great respect for them, that's why when Syria got bombed by Israel, Putin is not attacking Israel. But this dumb Zelensky


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Posted by enning22 > 2022-03-05 14:01 | Report Abuse

birds of a feather flock together. fascist ,communists dictators all alike.


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Posted by Sales > 2022-03-06 17:11 | Report Abuse

They are so many good palm stock to consider. Why uncle choose TDM???


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Posted by ahbah > 2022-03-06 17:40 | Report Abuse

We can choose the plantation stks we like.

No need to follow him lah.


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Posted by cckiong > 2022-03-08 20:09 | Report Abuse

"My stock selection golden rule is that the company must report increased profit for 2 consecutive quarters. " His golden rule seems not so consistent now in TDM

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