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Do this company has any dividend policy?


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But it is growing company with more mature tree in coming year and with good management team.

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This comp keep issuing new debt?? Is that healthy?

Posted by kelvin_ik4u > 2014-05-19 18:16 | Report Abuse

Plam oil is always like that, start plant require cash/fund/debts to build empire. Once it empire steady and cash generated machine, it will be an auto-pilot for next 18yrs. This counter will be the next shine palm oil for this year.. it's CAGR 21% compounding for next 3 yrs, now Bumitama just sit and collect money as all it palm tree is 6-7yrs now with FFB nucleus oil >24%, 107% growth vs Q1'FY13. Strongly believe this counter will start give dividents moving forward. Since CPO price is up ard ~RM2700/tan metric, I believe will share price will skyrocket this yr. Target $2.00 before end of this year 2014.

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Now how? Any comment?

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Which is better? Bumitama or first resources

Posted by calvintaneng > 2020-11-20 08:31 | Report Abuse

I chose Bumitama

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Click and view each product


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Bumitama results out not bad as it's net profit is more than 10%

With 1H lock in low price now over bumitama shall see better times ahead

Another plus factor is the Rsop done for more palm oil lands on Aug 16 report shows it is on the right track

Posted by calvintaneng > 2021-11-05 09:26 | Report Abuse

Bumi Tama

Compound of two words

Bumi which means "earth"

Tama is "right or true"

Which is what the Bible describes in the Book of Ecclesiastes

"The earth abideth forever"

So hopefully this company which means

True or right earth will last as long as the sun endures

With over 400,000 acres of lands planted with oil palms its intrinsic value is immense in a time of money printing

Why people chase Bitcoin to protect value when it does not generate value nor produce palm oil like earth and lands

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Today bumitama touched 60 sen finally

Feb 2022 results should be great

May 2022 results should also be fantastic

With Canada canola oil failure last summer plus weather problem in South America impacting soybean plus flood hampering ffb harvest in Malaysia the world is short of all Vege oil

A powerful bull run for palm oil should last at least till End 2022

With rise of biodisel refinery in USA palm oil prices will stay elevated longer

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Excellent result !

Profit up a whopping 80%

With Ukraine export of sunflower seed oil impacted Palm oil prices will remain highly elevated

Fantastic earning trend for bumitama as well as all palm oil companies like never before

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DBS is wise to rerate Bumitama higher at Rm1.00 target price (better than Rhb at 90 sen )

One Malaysian palm oil laggard called Ioi corp is in top 2nd holder of Bumitama with 31.4% of Bumitama shares

while Bumitama is up 65% from its low of 44 sen Ioi corp is still relatively much cheaper

Ioi corp has 432,000 acres while Bumitama has over 400,000 acres

Goldenagri with over 1 million acres palm oil plus 7 refineries should also be upgraded as well

Posted by calvintaneng > 2022-04-28 09:13 | Report Abuse

Yesterday bumitama gave 3.3 sen dividend

Goldenagri will be giving dividend by 5th May 2022

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